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Please fill out this form to register for the 12th Grade Trip!

By checking the box below I agree that my child, whose name is stated above in box one, has permission to attend the JEC 12th Grade Senior Trip, May 24th -May 26th. I understand that my son is to follow all rules as set forth by the trip chaperons, without exception. I also understand that should my child cause property damage during this trip, I will be held financially responsible.I agree not to hold the Jewish Educational Center (JEC) or any of their employees responsible for any expenses or injuries that my son may incur while on the trip. I further agree that if there are behavioral problems with my son, I will be asked to come and pick up my child or to give permission for him to be sent home by available public transportation at my expense.I agree that, in the event of injury, the chaperone in charge of the trip may act on my behalf in obtaining medical treatment for my child.
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