IMG 8550smTalmidim at the JEC High School grow a love of Torah learning that carries them through life.  Each student develops the skills they need to thrive as Torah Jews.  

At the JEC, every student learns to their strengths while acquiring new skills from outstanding and highly trained Rebbeim who employ a variety of teaching methodologies.  Three levels of instruction, plus one-on-one guidance and an individualized approach provides each talmid the opportunity to learn and succeed.

The entire yeshiva begins each day learning b’chavrusah in a beis medrash style morning seder.  Here, under the guidance of their rebbeim, students take possession of their learning, deconstructing texts, analyzing arguments and developing the critical thinking skills necessary for success.

The daily schedule provides talmidim with an expansive range of Limudei Kodesh classes in Gemara, Halacha, Chumash, and Na”ch.  Our curricula build skills progressively, preparing the boys for independent Torah learning that is the hallmark of their year(s) studying in Israel and beyond.  We also offer advanced elective shiurim in Gemara for those who choose to further advance their skills and bekius.

Central to a talmid’s growth is their relationship with their rebbe.  At the JEC, we foster an environment that encourages lifelong relationships between Rebbe and talmid.  Our Rebbeim are talmidei chachamim that imbue shiur with warmth and ahava. Each Rebbe’s attention and care for every talmid allows the boys to flourish in learning and development as bnai Torah.

Talmidim at the JEC become prepared to live an inspired Jewish life filled Torah Im Derech Eretz.

For more information about our first-class Limudei Kodesh program please contact Rabbi Noach Sauber 908 355 4850 ext 6252 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


GEMARA - גמרא

The following Mesechtos have been rotated during a five-year cycle:

פסחים ,קדושין ,מכות ,מציעא בבא ,קמא בבא (Bava Kamma, Bava Metzia, Makos, Kiddushin, Pesachim). Last year, we’ve added ברכות מסכת (Berachot) due to its content and applicability.

During our optional Sunday Shiur, talmidim can learn approximately 15 blatt in a different perek of the yearly mesechta.

Our 11th & 12th grades participate in a Beis Medrash program last year, preparing sugyot in guided lessons with assigned chavrusos.


CHUMASH - חומש


Lech Lecha, Vayeira & Chayei Sarah

לך לך, וירא וחיי שרה) בראשית)


Shmos, Vaeira, Bo & B’shalach (Shmos)

שמות, וארא, בא ובשלח) שמות)


B’Haaloscha, Shlach, Korach, Chukas & Balak (Bamidbar)

בהעלותך, שלח, קרח, חקת ובלק) במדבר)


Bereishis, Noach (Bereishis)

בראשית, נח) בראשית)

Beis Medrash Program Electives


NAVI - נביא


Melachim Bais  -מלכים ב'


Yona, Ruth, Esther & Ovadia  יונה, רות, אסתר ועובדיה


Shmuel Aleph  שמואל א'


Mishlei, Yirmiyahu & Trei Asar  משלי, ירמיהו ותרי עשר


Halacha - הלכה


Yomim Tovim & Birchos Hashachar, Pisukei Dizimra, Tzitzis, Krias Shma, Teffilah & Mezuza

ימים טובים וברכות השחר, פסוקי דזמרה, ציצית, קריאת שמע, תפילה ומזוזה


Yomim Tovim, Brachos & Birkas Hamazon

ימים טובים, ברכות וברכת המזון


Yomim Tovim & Hilchos Shabbos

ימים טובים והלכות שבת) א)


Yomim Tovim & Interactive Kashrut Seminar

ימים טובים והלכות כשרות


HASHKAFA - השקפה

In addition to regular classroom discussions and school-wide assemblies, the 10th Grade has a weekly “health” class dealing with Hashkafic topics and social skills.

Our 11th graders meet monthly with alumni now attending Yeshiva University who lead peer discussion groups exploring the basis of belief and observance of Judaism.

This year our entire High School meets with Rabbi Chaim Marcus in Shiurim dealing with a variety of topics in Jewish thought and philosophy.