Mission of the School

The Jewish Educational Center educates students to be Torah Jews in today‚Äôs world.  Students are imbued with Torah knowledge and dedication to the observance of its commandments, responsibility to the Jewish people, Israel and society at large, and educated to embrace the primacy of Torah and pursue excellence in all facets of life.


JEC Middle and High School Mission Statement: 


Together we live AboveTheCode. Guided by the Torah, we passionately pursue excellence through engagement, reflection, and growth. 

  • We believe that relentless pursuit of excellence will guide our students toward a life of continuous growth and development.

  • We believe that inspired commitment to Torah will imbue our students with a strong set of priorities and a desire to live a Torah-based lifestyle.

  • We believe that unbreakable bonds of trust and respect are crucial to the development of community and Jewish pride.

  • We believe that the spiritual rewards of continued learning far outweigh other more transient considerations. 

  • We believe that high education in a Torah environment is crucial for continued growth. 

  • We believe that character development and growth in Middos Tovos (positive character traits) are the foundation of preparing our students for adulthood and community leadership.

  • We believe that emotional and psychological well-being is the precursor to all growth and development.

  • We believe that rigorous academic pursuits will empower and enable students to expand their professional readiness.

  • We believe that social and communal responsibility and commitment to the Jewish nation, the Jewish land, and the Jewish heritage are the bedrocks of a vibrant and engaged Jewish identity.